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[luh-rin-jee-uh l, lar-uh n-jee-uh l] /ləˈrɪn dʒi əl, ˌlær ənˈdʒi əl/

of, relating to, or located in the .
Phonetics. articulated in the .
Phonetics. a laryngeal sound.
Historical Linguistics. one of several hypothetical phonemes assumed to have existed in Proto-Indo-European and to have been lost in most later Indo-European languages after having modified some contiguous consonants and vowels.
/ˌlærɪnˈdʒiːəl; ləˈrɪndʒɪəl/
of or relating to the larynx
(phonetics) articulated at the larynx; glottal

1795, from medical Latin laryngeus, from Greek larynx (see larynx) + English -al (1).

laryngeal la·ryn·ge·al (lə-rĭn’jē-əl, -jəl, lār’ən-jē’əl) or la·ryn·gal (lə-rĭng’gəl)
Of, relating to, affecting, or near the larynx.
Plural larynges (lə-rĭn’jēz) or larynxes
The upper part of the trachea in most vertebrate animals, containing the vocal cords. The walls of the larynx are made of cartilage. Sound is produced by air passing through the larynx on the way to the lungs, causing the walls of the larynx to vibrate. The pitch of the sound that is produced can be altered by the pull of muscles, which changes the tension of the vocal cords. Also called voice box.

laryngeal adjective


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