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Laser diode

laser diode
See semiconductor laser.


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  • Laserdisc

    /ˈleɪzəˌdɪsk/ noun 1. a disk similar in size to a long-playing record, on which data is stored in pits in a similar way to data storage on a compact disc, used esp for storing high-quality video

  • Laser-disk

    noun 1. Computers, Television. .

  • La-serena

    [lah se-re-nah] /lɑ sɛˈrɛ nɑ/ noun 1. a seaport in central Chile.

  • Laser-guided weapons

    Weapon systems that use the information from a laser pointed at a target to guide the payload to the targets. Note: Such weapons first came to the public attention during the Persian Gulf War, when the accurate hits of such weapons were widely publicized.

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