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Latch on to

verb phrase


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  • Late

    [leyt] /leɪt/ adjective, later or latter, latest or last. 1. occurring, coming, or being after the usual or proper time: late frosts; a late spring. 2. continued until after the usual time or hour; protracted: a late business meeting. 3. near or at the end of day or well into the night: a late hour. […]

  • Late-blight

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of plants, especially potatoes, celery, etc., characterized by spotting, blighting, and withering or decay of the entire plant, caused by any of several fungi, as Phytophthora infestans or Septoria apii. late blight (lāt) A disease of potato plants caused by the oomycete organism Phytophthora infestans and characterized by decay […]

  • Lascaux

    /French lasko/ noun 1. the site of a cave in SW France, in the Dordogne: contains Palaeolithic wall drawings and paintings

  • Late-blooming

    [leyt-bloo-ming] /ˈleɪtˈblu mɪŋ/ adjective 1. of or characteristic of a late bloomer: late-blooming brilliance. 2. late in coming about or showing full development: the country’s late-blooming interest in soccer.

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