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Late systole

late systole n.
See prediastole.


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  • Late-term

    late-term adj. Occurring or performed after the twentieth week of gestation in humans.

  • Late trading

    noun a stock or bond trade placed after 4 pm that receives the 4 pm price and therefore earns abnormal returns; the illegal trading of stock or bond shares after the net asset values are set, giving an advantage over the average investor Examples Late traders can use the information revealed after 4 pm to […]

  • Late-type star

    noun 1. (astronomy) any star with a surface temperature below that of the sun, of spectral type K, M, C, or S Compare early-type star

  • Late-bloomer

    noun 1. a person whose talents or capabilities are slow to develop: A late bloomer, she wrote her first novel when she was almost 50.

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