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[la-teen, luh-] /læˈtin, lə-/

pertaining to or having a lateen sail or sails.
(nautical) denoting a rig with a triangular sail (lateen sail) bent to a yard hoisted to the head of a low mast, used esp in the Mediterranean

mid-18c., phonetic spelling of French latine in voile latine, literally “Latin sail” (see Latin). So called because it was used in the Mediterranean.


Read Also:

  • Lateenrigged

    [la-teen-rigd, luh-] /læˈtinˌrɪgd, lə-/ adjective 1. having lateen sails. /ləˈtiːnˌrɪɡd/ adjective 1. (nautical) rigged with a lateen sail

  • Lateen-rigged

    [la-teen-rigd, luh-] /læˈtinˌrɪgd, lə-/ adjective 1. having lateen sails.

  • Lateen-sail

    noun 1. a triangular sail set on a long sloping yard, used especially on the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Late-greek

    noun 1. the Greek of the early Byzantine Empire and of patristic literature, from about a.d. 100 to 700. Abbreviation: LGk. noun 1. the Greek language from about the 3rd to the 8th centuries ad Compare Medieval Greek, Koine

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