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Lateral cartilage of nose

lateral cartilage of nose n.
The cartilage located in the lateral wall of the nose above the alar cartilage.


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  • Lateral cerebral sulcus

    lateral cerebral sulcus n. See fissure of Sylvius.

  • Lateral-chain

    noun, Chemistry. 1. . noun, Chemistry. 1. an open chain of atoms attached to an atom of a larger chain, or to a ring. noun 1. (chem) a group of atoms bound to an atom, usually a carbon, that forms part of a larger chain or ring in a molecule side chain n. A linear […]

  • Lateral column of spinal cord

    lateral column of spinal cord n. A slight protrusion of the gray matter of the spinal cord into the lateral funiculus of either side, especially in the thoracic region where it encloses preganglionic motor neurons of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system.

  • Lateral cord of brachial plexus

    lateral cord of brachial plexus n. A fasciculus formed by the anterior divisions of the superior and middle trunks, giving rise to the lateral pectoral nerve and terminating by dividing into the musculocutaneous nerve and the lateral root of the median nerve.

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