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Lateral funiculus

lateral funiculus n.
The lateral white column of the spinal cord between the points of exit and entry of the anterior and posterior nerve roots.


Read Also:

  • Lateral geniculate body

    lateral geniculate body n. The lateral mass of a pair of small oval masses that protrude slightly from the posteroinferior aspects of the thalamus, serving as a processing station in the major pathway from the retina to the cerebral cortex.

  • Lateral great muscle

    lateral great muscle n. See lateral vastus muscle.

  • Lateral hemianopsia

    lateral hemianopsia n. See homonymous hemianopsia.

  • Lateral hermaphroditism

    lateral hermaphroditism n. Hermaphroditism in which a testis is present on one side of the body and an ovary on the other.

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