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noun, Geology.
a moraine formed at the side of a glacier.
lateral moraine
See under moraine.


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  • Lateral nystagmus

    lateral nystagmus n. A nystagmus in which the eyes oscillate from side to side.

  • Lateral-pass

    noun, Football. 1. a short pass thrown or tossed parallel to the line of scrimmage or slightly backward from the position of the passer.

  • Lateral plane

    lateral plane n. An Addison’s clinical plane passing vertically on either side through a point on the interspinal half way between the anterior portion of the iliac crest and the median plane.

  • Lateral plantar nerve

    lateral plantar nerve n. One of the two terminal branches of the tibial nerve, dividing into superficial and deep branches, supplying the skin of the lateral aspect of the sole and certain toes, and innervating certain muscles of the plantar part of the foot.

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