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Lateral plate

lateral plate n.
One of two nonsegmented masses of mesoderm on either side of the embryonic disk.


Read Also:

  • Lateral rectus muscle

    lateral rectus muscle n. A muscle with origin from the lateral part of tendinous ring bridging the superior orbital fissure, with insertion into the sclera of the eye, with nerve supply from the abducens nerve, and whose action directs the pupil laterally.

  • Lateral rectus muscle of head

    lateral rectus muscle of head n. A muscle with origin from the transverse process of the atlas, with insertion into the occipital bone, with nerve supply from the first cervical nerve, and whose action inclines the head to one side.

  • Lateral recumbent position

    lateral recumbent position n. See Sims’ position.

  • Lateral region

    lateral region n. The region of the abdomen lying on either side of the umbilical region and between the hypochondriac and inguinal regions.

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