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[lat-i-tood-n-uh s, -tyood-] /ˌlæt ɪˈtud n əs, -ˈtyud-/

having latitude, scope, range, breadth, etc., especially of ideas, interests, interpretations, or the like:
a Renaissance man of latitudinous outlook.


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    [laht-kuh] /ˈlɑt kə/ noun, Jewish Cookery. 1. a pancake, especially one made of grated potato. n. “pancake made with grated potatoes,” 1927, from Yiddish, from Russian latka “pastry,” said to mean literally “a patch,” but by Watkins traced to Greek elaia “olive.”

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    [lat-uh-sawl, -sol] /ˈlæt əˌsɔl, -ˌsɒl/ noun 1. a reddish lateritic soil of the tropics, deeply weathered and infertile, characterized by hydroxides of iron and aluminum. latosol (lāt’ə-sôl’) See laterite.

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