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[lats] /læts/

plural noun, Informal.
latissimus dorsi muscles.
[laht] /lɑt/
noun, plural lats, lati
[lah-tee] /ˈlɑ ti/ (Show IPA)
a former silver coin of Latvia, equal to 100 santimi.
[lat] /læt/
noun, Informal.
[laht] /lɑt/
noun, Architecture.
(in India) a monolithic stamba.
noun (pl) lati (ˈlætiː)
the standard monetary unit of Latvia, divided into 100 santimi

LATS abbr.
long-acting thyroid stimulator


The latissimus dorsi muscles: checking the cut of their lats in shiny windows (1980s+)


For exercising the latissimus dorsi muscles: did a handstand on the seat of the lat pull down machine (1980s+)
long-acting thyroid stimulator
local-area transport


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