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[lawd] /lɔd/

verb (used with object)
to praise; extol.
a song or hymn of praise.
lauds, (used with a singular or plural verb) Ecclesiastical. a canonical hour, marked especially by psalms of praise, usually recited with matins.
(functioning as singular or pl) (mainly RC Church) the traditional morning prayer of the Western Church, constituting with matins the first of the seven canonical hours
(transitive) to praise or glorify
praise or glorification
William. 1573–1645, English prelate; archbishop of Canterbury (1633–45). His persecution of Puritans and his High Church policies in England and Scotland were a cause of the Civil War; he was impeached by the Long Parliament (1640) and executed

mid-14c., from Old French; morning Church service in which psalms of praise to God (Psalms 148-150) are sung (see laud).

late 14c., from Old French lauder “praise, extol,” from Latin laudare “to praise, commend, honor, extol, eulogize,” from laus (genitive laudis) “praise, fame glory.” Probably cognate with Old English leoð “song, poem, hymn,” from Proto-Germanic *leuthan (cf. Old Norse ljoð “strophe,” German Lied “song,” Gothic liuþon “to praise”), and from an echoic PIE root *leu-. Related: Lauded; lauding.


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