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[laf-ing-stok, lah-fing-] /ˈlæf ɪŋˌstɒk, ˈlɑ fɪŋ-/

an object of ridicule; the butt of a joke or the like:
His ineptness as a public official made him the laughingstock of the whole town.


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  • Laughing-stock

    n. also laughingstock; 1510s, formed by analogy with whipping-stock “whipping post,” later also “object of frequent whipping” (but that word is not attested in writing in this sense until 1670s). See laughing + stock (n.2).

  • Laughlin

    [lawf-lin, lawk‐] /ˈlɔf lɪn, ˈlɔk‐/ noun 1. James, IV, 1914–97, U.S. editor, publisher, and poet. Gaelic Lachlann, earlier Lochlann, literally “lake-” or “fjord-land,” i.e. “Scandinavia;” as a name, denoting “one from Norway.”

  • Laughlin-air-force-base

    [lahf-lin] /ˈlɑf lɪn/ noun 1. U.S. Air Force installation in SW Texas, SE of Del Rio.

  • Laugh-line

    noun, Informal. 1. (def 1).

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