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the platform on which a missile or launch vehicle undergoes final prelaunch checkout and countdown and from which it is launched from the surface of the earth.
something that serves to launch or initiate:
He used his legal experience as a launch pad for his career in politics.
a platform from which a spacecraft, rocket, etc, is launched
an effective starting point for a career, enterprise, or campaign


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  • Launch shoe

    noun 1. an attachment to an aircraft from which a missile is launched

  • Launch-vehicle

    noun 1. Aerospace. a rocket used to launch a spacecraft or satellite into orbit or a space probe into space. noun 1. a rocket, without its payload, used to launch a spacecraft 2. another name for booster (sense 2)

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    [lawn-der, lahn-] /ˈlɔn dər, ˈlɑn-/ verb (used with object) 1. to wash (clothes, linens, etc.). 2. to wash and iron (clothes). 3. Informal. 4. to remove embarrassing or unpleasant characteristics or elements from in order to make more acceptable: He’ll have to launder his image if he wants to run for office. verb (used without […]

  • Launch-window

    noun 1. a precise time period during which a spacecraft can be launched from a particular site in order to achieve a desired mission, as a rendezvous with another spacecraft. noun 1. the limited period during which a spacecraft can be launched on a particular mission

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