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[lawn-druh-mat, lahn-] /ˈlɔn drəˌmæt, ˈlɑn-/

a self-service laundry having coin-operated washers, driers, etc.; launderette.
trademark (US & Canadian, NZ) a commercial establishment where clothes can be washed and dried, using coin-operated machines Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) Launderette, laundrette

“automatic coin-operated public laundry,” 1946, originally (1942) a proprietary name by Westinghouse for a type of automatic washing machine; from laundry + ending probably suggested by automat. Also used for public clothes-washing places in U.S. were washateria (1935), laundrette (1945). The Westinghouse machine was popular after the war and was available with coin chutes and timers.

jargon, storage
Synonym disk farm; see washing machine.
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