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Lavender bag

a small fabric bag filled with dried lavender flowers and placed amongst clothes or linen to scent them


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  • Lavender-cotton

    noun 1. a silvery-gray, evergreen, woody composite plant, Santolina chamaecyparissus, of southern Europe, having yellow flower heads.

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    [lavuh-rahn] /lavəˈrɑ̃/ noun 1. Charles Louis Alphonse [sharl lwee al-fawns] /ʃarl lwi alˈfɔ̃s/ (Show IPA), 1845–1922, French physician and bacteriologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1907. Laveran La·ve·ran (lāv’ə-räɴ’, läv-räɴ’), Charles Louis Alphonse. 1845-1922. French pathologist. He won a 1907 Nobel Prize for investigating the role of protozoa in the generation of disease.

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    /ˈlɑːvə/ noun 1. laver seaweed fried as a breakfast food; popular in Wales

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