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[law-boo k] /ˈlɔˌbʊk/

a book consisting or treating of laws, legal issues, or cases that have been adjudicated.


Read Also:

  • Lawbreaker

    [law-brey-ker] /ˈlɔˌbreɪ kər/ noun 1. a person who breaks or violates the law. /ˈlɔːˌbreɪkə/ noun 1. a person who breaks the law 2. (informal) something that does not conform with legal standards or requirements n. also law-breaker, mid-15c., from law + agent noun from break (v.).

  • Law centre

    noun 1. (Brit) an office, usually staffed by professional volunteers, at which free legal advice and information are provided to the general public

  • Law-clerk

    noun 1. an attorney, usually a recent law-school graduate, working as an assistant to a judge or being trained by another attorney.

  • Law-court

    noun 1. .

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