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Lay a glove on someone

Related Terms

not lay a glove on someone


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  • Layamon

    [ley-uh-muh n, lah-yuh-] /ˈleɪ ə mən, ˈlɑ yə-/ noun 1. flourished c1200, English poet and chronicler. /ˈlaɪəmən/ noun 1. 12th-century English poet and priest; author of the Brut, a chronicle providing the earliest version of the Arthurian story in English

  • Lay-analyst

    noun 1. a psychoanalyst who does not have a medical degree. noun 1. a person without medical qualifications who practises psychoanalysis

  • Lay a trip on someone

    verb phrase To attribute something to someone; burden someone with something; accuse someone of something: But if you try and lay a trip on somebody through psychoanalysis, it’s nonsense/ Don’t lay this scene on me. I did the best I could/ Vote for Walker. But don’t lay any undue trips on him (1960s+ Counterculture fr […]

  • Lay at rest

    Also, lay to rest; set at rest. Satisfy, settle, as in I’ll take care of it; you can set your mind at rest, or The arbitrator is sure to lay these questions to rest. [ Late 1300s ] Also see: lay to rest

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