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Lay something on the line

verb phrase

To put deliberately at risk; put in peril as a wager or hostage: If you try this, remember you are laying your ass on the line (1950s+)


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  • Lay them in the aisles

    verb phrase (Variations: have or knock or put may replace lay) To entertain, amuse, or impress an audience extravagantly; wow (1934+)

  • Lay the skin on someone

    verb phrase To shake or otherwise deploy hands in greeting; GIVE someone FIVE: Lay the skin on me, pal (1940s+ Black)

  • Laytime

    /ˈleɪˌtaɪm/ noun 1. (commerce) the period of time allowed by a shipowner to a carrier to carry out cargo loading or discharging operations

  • Layton

    [leyt-n] /ˈleɪt n/ noun 1. a town in N Utah.

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