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Lazy list

A list which is built using a non-strict constructor. Any head or tail of the list may be an unevaluated closure. Also known as streams since they may be used to carry a sequence of values from the output of one function to an input of another. See also Lazy evaluation.


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    Lazy Standard ML

  • Lazy sml2c

    A lazy version sml2c. Portable, written in SML. Language extensions include first-class continuations, asynchronous signal handling. E-mail: . (ftp://dravido.soar.cs.cmu.edu/usr/nemo/sml2c).

  • Lazy standard ml

    language (LSML) A lazy varient of SML, allowing cyclic val definitions, by Prateek Mishra . Latest version: 0.43-1, as of 1993-11-15. Not to be confused with LML. (ftp://sbcs.sunysb.edu/pub/lsml). (1999-08-30)

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