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[led] /lɛd/

any oxide of lead, as red lead.


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  • Lead one to

    Cause one to do something. For example, This report leads me to believe that we’re in an economic recession, or Her unexpected pregnancy led her to take a leave of absence. [ First half of 1500s ]

  • Lead-pencil

    [led] /lɛd/ noun 1. a writing or drawing implement made of graphite in a wooden or metal holder. /lɛd/ noun 1. a pencil in which the writing material is a thin stick of a graphite compound

  • Lead-pipe cinch

    [led-pahyp] /ˈlɛdˌpaɪp/ noun, Slang. 1. an absolute certainty: It’s a lead-pipe cinch they’ll be there. 2. something very easy to accomplish: Getting him elected will be a lead-pipe cinch. noun phrase [1898+; fr the fact that a lead pipe can be easily bent, in case one has bet on such a feat] A certainty, an […]

  • Leadplant

    [led-plant, -plahnt] /ˈlɛdˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt/ noun 1. a North American shrub, Amorpha canescens, of the legume family, the leaves and twigs of which have a gray cast.

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