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[led-id] /ˈlɛd ɪd/

(of gasoline) containing tetraethyllead.
(of windows) composed of small panes of glass held in place by thin grooved strips of lead: leaded lights
(of petrol) containing tetraethyl lead in order to improve combustion


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  • Lead-dioxide

    [led] /lɛd/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a brown crystalline compound, PbO 2 , toxic, insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in glacial acetic acid: used as an oxidizing agent, in lead-acid batteries, and in analytical chemistry.

  • Leaded coffee

    noun phrase Coffee with caffeine, as distinct from decaffeinated coffee: Coffee? You want leaded or unleaded? (1980s+)

  • Leaden

    [led-n] /ˈlɛd n/ adjective 1. inertly heavy like ; hard to lift or move: a leaden weight; leaden feet. 2. dull, spiritless, or gloomy, as in mood or thought: leaden prose; a leaden atmosphere. 3. of a dull gray color: leaden skies. 4. oppressive; heavy: a leaden silence. 5. sluggish; listless: They moved at a […]

  • Lead encephalopathy

    lead encephalopathy n. A rapidly developing encephalopathy caused by the ingestion of lead compounds and seen particularly in early childhood, marked by convulsion, delirium, hallucination, and other cerebral symptoms related to chronic lead poisoning. Also called lead encephalitis.

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