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Leaf sight

a folding rear sight on certain rifles


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  • Leaf site

    A machine that merely originates and reads Usenet news or mail, and does not relay any third-party traffic. Often uttered in a critical tone; when the ratio of leaf sites to backbone, rib, and other relay sites gets too high, the network tends to develop bottlenecks. Compare backbone site, rib site. [Jargon File]

  • Leaf-spot

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a limited, often circular, discolored, diseased area on a leaf, usually including a central region of necrosis. 2. any disease so characterized. noun 1. any of various plant diseases, usually caused by fungi: characterized by dark lesions on the leaves leaf spot Any of various plant diseases resulting in well-defined necrotic […]

  • Leaf-spring

    noun 1. a long, narrow, multiple spring composed of several layers of spring metal bracketed together: used in some suspension systems of carriages and automobiles. noun 1. one of a number of metal strips bracketed together in length to form a compound spring 2. the compound spring so formed

  • Lead balloon

    noun phrase unwelcome situation; a failure or unsuccessful situation Examples His suggestion to stay put went over like a lead balloon. noun phrase A dismal failure; flop: His run for office was a lead balloon (1940s+) Related Terms go over like a lead balloon

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