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[leek-proof] /ˈlikˌpruf/

designed to prevent :
a leakproof bottle.


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  • Leaky

    [lee-kee] /ˈli ki/ adjective, leakier, leakiest. 1. allowing liquid, gas, etc., to enter or escape: a leaky boat; a leaky container. 2. Informal. unreliable: a leaky memory; a leaky tongue. /ˈliːkɪ/ adjective leakier, leakiest 1. leaking or tending to leak adj. mid-15c., from leak (n.) + -y (2). Related: Leakiness.

  • Lean

    [leen] /lin/ verb (used without object), leaned or (especially British) leant; leaning. 1. to incline or bend from a vertical position: She leaned out the window. 2. to incline, as in a particular direction; slant: The post leans to the left. The building leaned sharply before renovation. 3. to incline in feeling, opinion, action, etc.: […]

  • Lean and hungry look

    A phrase from the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Caesar remarks, concerning one of the men conspiring against him, “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look.” Caesar means that Cassius looks dangerously dissatisfied, as if he were starved for power.

  • Leanness

    [leen] /lin/ adjective, leaner, leanest. 1. (of persons or animals) without much flesh or fat; not plump or fat; thin: lean cattle. 2. (of edible meat) containing little or no fat. 3. lacking in richness, fullness, quantity, etc.; poor: a lean diet; lean years. 4. spare; economical: a lean prose style. 5. Automotive. (of a […]

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