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Leave someone in peace

Avoid disturbing or bothering someone, as in
It’s best to leave Dean in peace when he’s paying the bills
. This expression uses
in the sense of “undisturbed,” a usage dating from the early 1200s. Also see


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  • Leave someone in the lurch

    verb phrase To abandon someone in a difficult plight: They all cleared out and left me in the lurch (1596+) see: leave in the lurch

  • Leave something be

    verb phrase To leave alone (1825+)

  • Leave-taking

    [leev-tey-king] /ˈlivˌteɪ kɪŋ/ noun 1. a saying farewell; a parting or goodbye; departure: His leave-taking was brief. noun 1. the act of departing; a farewell n. late 14c., from leave (n.) + present participle of take (v.).

  • Leave without a leg to stand on

    see: without a leg to stand on

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