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[lee-duh, ley-] /ˈli də, ˈleɪ-/

Classical Mythology. the mother, by her husband Tyndareus, of Castor and Clytemnestra and, by Zeus in the form of a swan, of Pollux and Helen.
Astronomy. a small natural satellite of the planet Jupiter.
(Greek myth) a queen of Sparta who was the mother of Helen and Pollux by Zeus, who visited her in the form of a swan
(astronomy) a small satellite of Jupiter in an intermediate orbit

Library of Efficient Data types and Algorithms
A multi-paradigm language supporting imperative programming, declarative programming, procedural programming, functional programming, logic programming and object-oriented programming developed by Tim Budd budd@cs.orst.edu at Oregon State University in 1990-1993.
[“Blending Imperative and Relational Programming”, Tim Budd, IEEE Software 8(1):58-65 (Jan 1991)]. Forthcoming book.


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