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a reinforced-concrete beam having projecting ledges for receiving the ends of joists or the like.


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  • Ledger-board

    noun 1. a horizontal board, as in a fence. 2. Carpentry. (def 8). noun 1. a timber board forming the top rail of a fence or balustrade 2. Also called ribbon strip. a timber board fixed horizontally to studding to support floor joists

  • Ledger-line

    noun 1. Also, leger line. Also called added line. Music. a short line added when necessary above or below the staff to increase the range of the staff. 2. Angling. a line so set that both the bait and sinker rest on the bottom. noun 1. (music) a short line placed above or below the […]

  • Ledger-paper

    noun 1. a foldable paper with a smooth finish.

  • Ledger-plate

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a strip of wood laid flat across the tops of studding as a support for joists.

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