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Left arrow

The graphic which the 1963 version of ASCII had in place of the underscore character, ASCII 95.


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    left atrioventricular valve n. See mitral valve.

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    noun 1. a part of Paris, France, on the S bank of the Seine: frequented by artists, writers, and students. noun 1. a district of Paris, on the S bank of the River Seine; frequented by artists, students, etc Area in Paris on the left (south) bank of the Seine River. Note: The Left Bank […]

  • Left brace

    character “”. {ASCII character 123. Common names: open brace; left brace; left squiggly; left squiggly bracket/brace; left curly bracket/brace; ITU-T: opening brace. Rare: brace (“}” = unbrace); curly (“}” = uncurly); leftit (“}” = rytit); left squirrelly; INTERCAL: embrace (“}” = bracelet). Paired with right brace (“}”). (1995-03-16)

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    left brachiocephalic vein n. A vein that receives the left vertebral, internal thoracic, superior intercostal, inferior thyroid, and other veins.

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