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[left-breynd] /ˈlɛftˈbreɪnd/

having the left brain dominant, therefore being more adept at logic, calculation, language, and other thought processes or skills usually associated with the left brain.
of or relating to a person whose left brain is dominant.


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  • Left-branching

    [left-bran-ching, -brahn-] /ˈlɛftˌbræn tʃɪŋ, -ˌbrɑn-/ adjective, Linguistics. 1. (of a grammatical construction) characterized by greater structural complexity in the position preceding the head, as the phrase my brother’s friend’s house; having most of the constituents on the left in a tree diagram (opposed to ).

  • Left coast

    noun the West Coast of the United States or Canada Examples Left coast life often focuses on Hollywood. Word Origin humorous reference to that coast being on the left when facing a map noun phrase The Pacific Coast: That’s not what they’re saying out on the Left Coast

  • Left colic flexure

    left colic flexure n. The bend at the junction of the transverse and descending colon. Also called splenic flexure.

  • Left colic vein

    left colic vein n. A tributary of the inferior mesenteric vein, accompanying the left colic artery and draining the left flexure and the descending colon.

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