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Left-handed monkey wrench


A nonexistent tool left nut

Related Terms

gripe one’s ass


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  • Left-hander

    [left-han-der, -han-] /ˈlɛftˈhæn dər, -ˌhæn-/ noun 1. a person who is , especially a baseball pitcher who throws with the left hand. 2. Informal. a slap or punch delivered with the left hand. noun 1. a blow with the left hand 2. a left-handed person

  • Left heart

    left heart n. The left atrium and left ventricle.

  • Left hepatic duct

    left hepatic duct n. The duct that drains bile from the left half of the liver.

  • Left holding the bag

    To have the blame or responsibility thrust upon you: “When his partner skipped town, Harry was left holding the bag.”

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