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Left testicular vein

left testicular vein n.
A vein that originates from the pampiniform plexus and joins the left renal vein.


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  • Left-to-right shunt

    left-to-right shunt n.

  • Left umbilical vein

    left umbilical vein n. A vein that returns blood from the placenta to the fetus, traversing the umbilical cord to pass into the liver, where it is joined by the portal vein.

  • Left ventricle

    left ventricle n. The chamber on the left side of the heart that receives the arterial blood from the left atrium and contracts to force it into the aorta.

  • Left ventricular ejection time

    left ventricular ejection time n. Abbr. LVET The time measured from onset to notch of the carotid pulse.

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