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Legal capacity


a person’s capability and power under law to engage in a particular undertaking or transaction or to maintain a particular status or relationship with another


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  • Legal-chemistry

    noun 1. . noun 1. the application of facts concerning chemistry to questions of civil and criminal law.

  • Legal dentistry

    legal dentistry n. See forensic dentistry.

  • Legal-eagle

    noun, Slang. 1. a lawyer. noun a lawyer; also called legal beagle noun phrase A lawyer, esp a clever and aggressive one: In 1979 Davis’ legal eagles got him acquitted again/ Software turns you into a regular legal beagle

  • Legalese

    [lee-guh-leez, -lees] /ˌli gəˈliz, -ˈlis/ noun 1. language containing an excessive amount of terminology or of jargon. /ˌliːɡəˈliːz/ noun 1. the conventional language in which legal documents, etc, are written n. “the language of legal documents,” 1914, from legal + language name ending -ese. Dense, pedantic verbiage in a language description, product specification, or interface […]

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