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[leg-yoom, li-gyoom] /ˈlɛg yum, lɪˈgyum/

any plant of the , especially those used for feed, food, or as a soil-improving crop.
the pod or seed vessel of such a plant.
any table vegetable of the .
/ˈlɛɡjuːm; lɪˈɡjuːm/
the long dry dehiscent fruit produced by leguminous plants; a pod
any table vegetable of the family Fabaceae (formerly Leguminosae), esp beans or peas
any leguminous plant

plant of the group of the pulse family, 1670s, from French légume (16c.), from Latin legumen “pulse, leguminous plant,” of unknown origin. One suggestion ties it to Latin legere “to gather” (see lecture (n.)), because they can be scooped by the handful. Used in Middle English in the Latin form legumen (late 14c.).
(lěg’ym’, lə-gym’)

leguminous adjective


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    noun 1. the large plant family Leguminosae (or Fabaceae), typified by herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, and vines having usually compound leaves, clusters of irregular, keeled flowers, and fruit in the form of a pod splitting along both sides, and including beans, peas, acacia, alfalfa, clover, indigo, lentil, mesquite, mimosa, and peanut.

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    [li-gyoo-muh n] /lɪˈgyu mən/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a globulin obtained from the seeds of leguminous and other plants. /lɪˈɡjuːmɪn/ noun 1. a protein obtained mainly from the seeds of leguminous plants

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