[ley-muh n; German ley-mahn] /ˈleɪ mən; German ˈleɪ mɑn/

[lil-ee] /ˈlɪl i/ (Show IPA), 1848–1929, German operatic soprano.
[law-tuh] /ˈlɔ tə/ (Show IPA), 1888–1976, German operatic soprano in the U.S.
Lilli (ˈlɪlɪ). 1848–1929, German soprano
Lotte (ˈlɒtə). 1888–1976, US soprano, born in Germany
Rosamond (Nina). 1903–90, British novelist. Her books include Dusty Answer (1927), Invitation to the Waltz (1932), and The Echoing Grove (1953)

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