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Lemon cheese

a soft paste made from lemons, sugar, eggs, and butter, used as a spread or filling


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  • LeMond

    [luh-mond] /ləˈmɒnd/ noun 1. Gregory James (“Greg”) born 1961, U.S. cyclist with three victories (1986, 1989–90) in the Tour de France.

  • Lemon-drop

    noun 1. a lemon-flavored lozenge. noun 1. a lemon-flavoured boiled sweet

  • Lemonfish

    [lem-uh n-fish] /ˈlɛm ənˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural lemonfishes (especially collectively) lemonfish. Southern U.S. 1. the cobia.

  • Lemon-geranium

    noun 1. a garden geranium, Pelargonium crispum, having lemon-scented leaves. noun 1. a cultivated geraniaceous plant, Pelargonium limoneum, with lemon-scented leaves

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