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[len-i-nuh-bahd; Russian lyi-nyi-nuh-baht] /ˈlɛn ɪ nəˌbɑd; Russian lyɪ nyɪ nʌˈbɑt/

former (1936–91) name of .
/Russian lɪninaˈbat/
the former name (1937–91) of Khojent


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    [len-i-nuh-kahn; Russian lyi-nyi-nuh-kahn] /ˌlɛn ɪ nəˈkɑn; Russian lyɪ nyɪ nʌˈkɑn/ noun 1. former name of . [gyoo m-ree, gyoo m-ree] /ˈgyʊm ri, gyʊmˈri/ noun 1. a city in NW Armenia. /Russian lɪninaˈkan/ noun 1. the former name (1925–91) of Kumayri

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    [len-in-grad; Russian lyi-nyin-graht] /ˈlɛn ɪnˌgræd; Russian lyɪ nyɪnˈgrɑt/ noun 1. a former name (1924–91) of (def 1) /ˈlɛnɪnˌɡræd; Russian lɪninˈɡrat/ noun 1. the former name (1937–91) of Saint Petersburg Leningrad [(len-in-grad, len-in-grahd)] Name of Saint Petersburg, Russia, from 1924 to 1991. (See Saint Petersburg.)

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