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[lee-nis, ley-] /ˈli nɪs, ˈleɪ-/ Phonetics

pronounced with relatively weak muscular tension and breath pressure, resulting in weak sound effect: in stressed or unstressed position, (b, d, g, j, v, th̸, z, and zh) are lenis in English, as compared with (p, t, k, ch, f, th, s, and sh), which are fortis.
Compare (def 1).
noun, plural lenes
[lee-neez, ley-] /ˈli niz, ˈleɪ-/ (Show IPA)
a lenis consonant.
(of a consonant) articulated with weak muscular tension
noun (pl) lenes (ˈliːniːz)
a consonant, such as English b or v, pronounced with weak muscular force


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