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[len-ti-kuh l] /ˈlɛn tɪ kəl/

a window in a clock case revealing the motion of the pendulum bob.
(geology) a lens-shaped layer of mineral or rock embedded in a matrix of different constitution


Read Also:

  • Lenticonus

    lenticonus len·ti·co·nus (lěn’tĭ-kō’nəs) n. A conical projection of the anterior or posterior surface of the lens, occurring as a developmental anomaly.

  • Lenticular ansa

    lenticular ansa n. The tortuous efferent pathway of the pallidum in the brain.

  • Lenticular astigmatism

    lenticular astigmatism n. Astigmatism due to a defect in the curvature, position, or index of refraction of the lens.

  • Lenticular capsule

    lenticular capsule n. The capsule enclosing the lens of the eye.

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