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[len-tuh-fawrm] /ˈlɛn təˌfɔrm/


lentiform len·ti·form (lěn’tə-fôrm’)
Shaped like a biconvex lens; lenticular.


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  • Lentigines

    [len-tahy-goh] /lɛnˈtaɪ goʊ/ noun, plural lentigines [len-tij-uh-neez] /lɛnˈtɪdʒ əˌniz/ (Show IPA) 1. a freckle or other pigmented spot. /lɛnˈtaɪɡəʊ/ noun (pl) lentigines (lɛnˈtɪdʒɪˌniːz) 1. a technical name for a freckle lentigo len·ti·go (lěn-tī’gō) n. pl. len·tig·i·nes (-tĭj’ə-nēz’) A small, flat, pigmented spot on the skin.

  • Lentiginosis

    lentiginosis len·tig·i·no·sis (lěn-tĭj’ə-nō’sĭs) n. Multiple lentigines.

  • Lentiginous

    [len-tij-uh-nuh s] /lɛnˈtɪdʒ ə nəs/ adjective 1. of or relating to a . 2. Botany, Zoology. covered with minute dots; freckled; speckled.

  • Lentiglobus

    lentiglobus len·ti·glo·bus (lěn’tĭ-glō’bəs) n. A rare congenital anomaly in which the posterior surface of the lens has a prominent spheroid elevation.

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