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[le-proh-muh] /lɛˈproʊ mə/

noun, plural lepromas, lepromata
[le-proh-muh-tuh] /lɛˈproʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Pathology.
the swollen lesion of leprosy.

lepromatous lep·ro·ma·tous (lě-prō’mə-təs, -prŏm’ə-)
Relating to, characterized, or affected with lepromas.

leproma lep·ro·ma (lě-prō’mə)
n. pl. lep·ro·mas or lep·ro·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A circumscribed, discrete nodular skin lesion characteristic of leprosy.


Read Also:

  • Lepromatous leprosy

    lepromatous leprosy n. Leprosy that is contagious until treated and is characterized by lepromas, macular lesions having ill-defined borders, and, in advanced cases, nerve involvement and destructive lesions of the face, mouth, throat, and larynx.

  • Lepromin

    lepromin lep·ro·min (lěp’rə-mĭn) n. An extract of human tissue infected with Mycobacterium leprae and used in skin tests to classify the stage and type of leprosy.

  • Lepromin test

    lepromin test n. A test to evaluate leprosy using an intradermal injection of a lepromin; the test classifies the stage of leprosy based on reaction and differentiates tuberculoid leprosy, in which there is a positive delayed reaction at the injection site, from lepromatous leprosy, in which there is no reaction despite the active infection.

  • Leprophobia

    noun a fear of lepers, leprosy Word Origin lepro(sy) + phobia

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