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[lep-tuh-kur-tik] /ˌlɛp təˈkɜr tɪk/

adjective, Statistics.
(of a frequency distribution) being more concentrated about the mean than the corresponding normal distribution.
(of a frequency distribution curve) having a high, narrow concentration about the mode.
(statistics) (of a distribution) having kurtosis B2 greater than 3, more heavily concentrated about the mean than a normal distribution Compare platykurtic, mesokurtic


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    leptomeninges lep·to·me·nin·ges (lěp’tō-mə-nĭn’jēz) n. The pia mater and arachnoid considered as one unit enveloping the brain and spinal cord. Also called pia-arachnoid. lep’to·me·nin’ge·al (-jē-əl) adj.

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