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[lez-bos, -bohs; Greek lez-vaws] /ˈlɛz bɒs, -boʊs; Greek ˈlɛz vɔs/

(def 1).
[lez-boh] /ˈlɛz boʊ/
noun, plural lesbos. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
a contemptuous term used to refer to a lesbian.
an island in the E Aegean, off the NW coast of Turkey: a centre of lyric poetry, led by Alcaeus and Sappho (6th century bc); annexed to Greece in 1913. Chief town: Mytilene. Pop: 90 642 (2001). Area: 1630 sq km (630 sq miles) Modern Greek name Lésvos Former name Mytilene

by 1940, colloquial shortening of lesbian.


The ability of a show, song, public figure, etc, to be an enduring success; staying power: whether a movie will have legs, the power to entice audiences week after week/runaway success, bigger than disco, with stronger legs/There is no other theory with legs (1970s+ Show business)

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