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[lez-gee-uh n, les-] /ˈlɛz gi ən, ˈlɛs-/



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  • Les-gueux

    [ley gœ] /leɪ ˈgœ/ noun 1. a league of Dutch and Flemish patriots, composed chiefly of nobles and formed in 1566 to resist the introduction of the Spanish Inquisition into the Netherlands. 2. (later) any of various Dutch or Flemish partisan groups organized to gain independence for the Netherlands from Spain.

  • Les-halles

    [ley al] /leɪ ˈal/ noun 1. (formerly) the large, central, wholesale food market area of Paris, France.

  • Le shuttle

    noun trademark for the train that connects England to France through the Channel Tunnel; also, this rail service

  • Lesion

    [lee-zhuh n] /ˈli ʒən/ noun 1. an injury; hurt; wound. 2. Pathology. any localized, abnormal structural change in the body. 3. Plant Pathology. any localized, defined area of diseased tissue, as a spot, canker, blister, or scab. verb (used with object) 4. to cause a lesion or lesions in. /ˈliːʒən/ noun 1. any structural change […]

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