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noun, Astronomy.
the constellation Ursa Minor.


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  • Lesser-celandine

    noun 1. a Eurasian plant, Ranunculus ficaria, of the buttercup family, having heart-shaped leaves and glossy yellow flowers, naturalized in North America. noun 1. a Eurasian ranunculaceous plant, Ranunculus ficaria, having yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves Also called pilewort Compare greater celandine

  • Lesser-cornstalk-borer

    noun 1. the larva of a widely distributed pyralid moth, Elasmopalpus lignosellus, that damages corn and some other crops by boring into the part of the stalk close to the soil.

  • Lesser curvature of stomach

    lesser curvature of stomach less·er curvature of stomach (lěs’ər) n. The border of the stomach to which the lesser omentum is attached.

  • Lesser-dionysia

    noun 1. (in ancient Attica) the wine feasts, processions, and dramatic performances composing one of the festivals honoring Dionysus, held in the middle of December.

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