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Let someone off

verb phrase

To decline to pursue or prosecute someone: The prosecutor let him off because he was a pal of the mayor (1828+)


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  • Let something ride

    verb phrase To let something go on as it is; decline to change or intervene: Let the same order ride for now (1921+)

  • Let someone off the hook

    verb phrase To relieve someone of responsibility or menace: They had already given me a lot. I wanted to let them off the hook (1960s+)

  • Lett

    [let] /lɛt/ noun 1. a member of a people, the chief inhabitants of Latvia, living on or near the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea; . 2. (def 3). 1. . /lɛt/ noun 1. another name for a Latvian 1831, from German Lette, from Old High German liuti “people” (German Leute). The native name is […]

  • Letted

    [let-id] /ˈlɛt ɪd/ verb 1. a simple past tense and past participle of 2 . [let] /lɛt/ verb (used with object), let, letting. 1. to allow or permit: to let him escape. 2. to allow to pass, go, or come: to let us through. 3. to grant the occupancy or use of (land, buildings, rooms, […]

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