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[lee-thuh] /ˈli θə/

a female given name.


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  • Lethal

    [lee-thuh l] /ˈli θəl/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or causing death; deadly; fatal: a lethal weapon; a lethal dose. 2. made or carried out to cause death: a lethal chamber; a lethal attack. 3. causing great harm or destruction: The disclosures were lethal to his candidacy. /ˈliːθəl/ adjective 1. able to cause or causing […]

  • Lethal-chamber

    noun 1. a room or enclosure where animals may be killed by exposure to a poison gas. noun an enclosure where animals may be killed painlessly with poison gas

  • Lethal dose

    noun 1. the amount of a drug or other agent that if administered to an animal or human will prove fatal LD See also median lethal dose (sense 1) lethal dose n. Abbr. LD The dose of a chemical or biological preparation that is likely to cause death.

  • Lethal-gene

    noun, Genetics. 1. a gene that under certain conditions causes the death of an organism. lethal gene n. A gene whose expression results in the death of the organism.

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