Letter of introduction

a letter given by one person to another, as an introduction to a third party

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  • Letter-of-marque

    noun 1. license or commission granted by a state to a private citizen to capture and confiscate the merchant ships of another nation. noun 1. a licence granted by a state to a private citizen to arm a ship and seize merchant vessels of another nation 2. a similar licence issued by a nation allowing […]

  • Letter of the law

    The precise wording rather than the spirit or intent. For example, Since it was the first time he’d broken the rules, the school decided to ignore the letter of the law and just give him a warning. [ Late 1500s ]

  • Letter-perfect

    [let-er-pur-fikt] /ˈlɛt ərˈpɜr fɪkt/ adjective 1. knowing one’s part, lesson, or the like, perfectly. 2. precise or exact in every detail; verbatim. adjective 1. another term (esp in the US) for word-perfect

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