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[let-ik] /ˈlɛt ɪk/

of or relating to the Letts or their language.


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  • Lettie

    [let-ee] /ˈlɛt i/ noun 1. a female given name, form of .

  • Letting

    [let] /lɛt/ verb (used with object), let, letting. 1. to allow or permit: to let him escape. 2. to allow to pass, go, or come: to let us through. 3. to grant the occupancy or use of (land, buildings, rooms, space, etc., or movable property) for rent or hire (sometimes followed by out). 4. to […]

  • Lettish

    [let-ish] /ˈlɛt ɪʃ/ adjective 1. of or relating to the or their language. noun 2. (def 3). /ˈlɛtɪʃ/ noun, adjective 1. another word for Latvian

  • Lettre-de-cachet

    [le-truh duh ka-she] /lɛ trə də kaˈʃɛ/ noun, plural lettres de cachet [le-truh duh ka-she] /lɛ trə də kaˈʃɛ/ (Show IPA). French. 1. a letter under the seal of the sovereign, especially one ordering imprisonment, frequently without trial. /lɛtrə də kaʃɛ/ noun (pl) lettres de cachet (lɛtrə də kaʃɛ) 1. (French history) a letter under […]

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