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variant of before a vowel.

leuk- pref.
Variant of leuko-.


Read Also:

  • Leukaemia

    /luːˈkiːmɪə/ noun 1. an acute or chronic disease characterized by a gross proliferation of leucocytes, which crowd into the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, etc, and suppress the blood-forming apparatus n. alternative spelling of leukemia.

  • Leukapheresis

    leukapheresis leu·ka·phe·re·sis (lōō’kə-fə-rē’sĭs) n. The removal of a quantity of white blood cells from the blood of a donor with the remaining portions of the blood retransfused into the donor.

  • Leukas

    [loo-kuh s] /ˈlu kəs/ noun 1. . /ˈluːkəs/ noun 1. another name for Levkás

  • Leukemia cutis

    leukemia cutis leukemia cu·tis (kyōō’tĭs) n. Leukemia characterized by sometimes nodular yellow-brown, red, blue-red, or purple skin lesions, associated with infiltrations or accumulations of leukemic cells in the skin.

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