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Leukemic retinopathy

leukemic retinopathy n.
A condition of the retina occurring in all types of leukemia and characterized by the presence of a yellow-orange fundus, engorgement and tortuosity of retinal veins, scattered hemorrhages, and edema of the retina and optic disk.


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  • Leukemid

    [loo-kee-mid] /luˈki mɪd/ noun 1. any cutaneous lesion that occurs in . leukemid leu·ke·mid (lōō-kē’mĭd) n. Any of various nonspecific cutaneous lesions that are associated with leukemia but that are not accumulations of leukemic cells.

  • Leukemogen

    leukemogen leu·ke·mo·gen (lōō-kē’mə-jən, -jěn’) n. A factor that is known or attributed to be a cause of leukemia.

  • Leukemogenesis

    leukemogenesis leu·ke·mo·gen·e·sis (lōō-kē’mə-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. Induction, development, and progression of a leukemic disease.

  • Leukemogenic

    leukemogenic leu·ke·mo·gen·ic (lōō-kē’mə-jěn’ĭk) adj.

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